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Although it was tempting to publish a huge list of related links, I considered that providing a minor, but selected list of other web sites where this work already has been done would be more efficient.

The Royal Corps of Signals Museum.

REME Museum of Technology.

The Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society.

The Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society (VMARS).

Surplus Radio Society.

The Wireless Set No. 19.

The Wireless-Set-No19 Group Royal Signals.

The Dutch Royal Corps of Signals (Verbindingsdienst).


Martin Swift's (G4NCE) Green Radio.

Japanese Military Radio Museum.

Radista Telecom Equipment Ex Yugoslav Army.

Walt Gromov's Radio Museum. (RKK Museum) Moscow.

RAF Signals Museum RAF Henlow.

Cryptomuseum, a virtual museum in Eindhoven.

Military History Institute in Prague


Zelena vlna. (Green wave)


Musee des Communications in Champagne, France

Antique Radio Classified links to related web sites.

NHRF Norwegian Historical Radio Society.

Radio Bygones.

The Telegraph Office.

Antique Wireless Association.

WW2 Talk      Interesting, useful and active forum.

Military Radio Links

General Radio Links


Browsing through these lists it is surprising to see how many web sites are dealing with the history of (military) radio communication.


Welt der Spione GmbH

The GERMAN SPY MUSEUM BERLIN gives a unique insight into the gloom of espionage right where the Wall once divided the city.