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In most of the leading British radio magazines, notably Practical Wireless and The Short Wave Magazine, 'H.A.C. Short-Wave Products’  advertised up to the early 1980's with simple and inexpensive short wave receiver kits for the beginning listener. Always being intrigued by H.A.C. Short-Wave Products and their kits, I recently found (only by accident) circuit diagrams of the H.A.C. Model K and Model DX receivers.

This web page is an appeal for more information in the form of documents, circuit diagrams, catalogues, and photographs of any hardware such as chassis, coils and tuning capacitors. Please contact me if you have something interesting to add to the H.A.C. pages.

I am also interested in any articles which might have been published on this subject. All presently known information on the H.A.C. Short-Wave Products kits, in pictures but also in printable downloads are posted here.

The H.A.C. pages on this site gradually grown over the years chiefly by kind contributions in the form of scans and photographs. It is difficult to estimate to how many people a H.A.C. kit was a stimulation to the start of a career in radio or electronics.

* H.A.C. = Hear All Continents


Printable front panel overlay, leaflets and building instructions of H.A.C. Short-Wave kits.

H.A.C. Instructions

H.A.C. Leaflets

H.A.C. Model K Instructions.

H.A.C. T-Twin Instructions.

H.A.C. Model DX Instructions page 1-2.

H.A.C. Model DX Instructions page 3-4.

H.A.C. Model DX Mk.2 Instructions.

H.A.C. Two-valve All-dry Amplifier.

Front panel overlay.

Leaflet: Press opinions.

Leaflet: H.A.C. Short Wave Equipment.

Leaflet: H.A.C. Awards.

Leaflet: Additions for your H.A.C. Receiver.

Leaflet: Notes.

Leaflet: Transformer fitting instructions.

Leaflet: H.A.C. Frequency Chart.

H.A.C. Receipt for purchase 1983.

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Presently known H.A.C. Short-Wave  Products kit models and prices.

Super One Valve Model 1938/39 12/6

Model C (one valve) 1946/49 20/-

Model E  (two valves) 1946/49 43/-

Model DX 1958 one valve 25/-

Model DX 1958 two valve 50/-

Model K 1959 77/- including valve

Model K 1964 77/-

Model CX 1959 34/6

Model DX 1966 56/6

Model DX 1968 56/6

Model DX 1976 6 UKP

Model DX 1977 6.60 UKP

Model DX Mk.2 198014.50 UKP

Battery Eliminator 1980 9.60 UKP

T-Twin Transistor 1980 17.50 UKP

Triple-T Transistor 1980 24 UKP

This was the original pre-war ‘Super One Valve Model 1938/39’ published in The Short Wave Magazine, June 1937. It used a type HL2 valve (right hand socket) and plug-in coils (left hand socket). See the circuit diagram below.

On a next page are photographs and other phenomena of various versions of the H.A.C. Short-Wave Products kits.  

Next page (H.A.C. history) HAC super one valve circuit. Download Download HAC super one valve.

H.A.C. Short-Wave Products was located at a considerable number of London addresses:

About 1938/46, 109 Hartington Road.

Around 1948/49, 66 New Bond Street.

Around 1958/59, 11 Old Bond Street.

March 1961 44, Old Bond Street.

Nov/Dec 1966, 29 Old Bond Street.

Around 1976, East Grinstead.

Around 1977, 10 Windmill Lane.


This page was prepared with contributions, photos, scans and encouragement of Tor Marthinsen, Graham G4ILN, Philip McNamara DB3LMN (ex G8FMZ), Jon Divell, Dan Bedford (Australia) and Ian Fleming.

Many thanks to the publisher of Radio Bygones for their permission to reproduce the H.A.C. Short-Wave Products article written by Mr C.M. Lindars.

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