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Electronic Fullerphone

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French Army Appareil Télégraphiqe type TM 1932

Photos for this Chapter were kindly taken by Guy Millot of the Museum of Communications in Champagne, France, where this rare French electronic version of the Fullerphone is on permanent display, along with many other (military) communication instruments.

Housed in a typical blue gray metal case of the TM 1932 range of signal equipment (TM=Télégraphie Militaire), the Appareil Télégraphique type TM 1932 was a very early electronic version of the Fullerphone. It avoided the often awkward and critical setting of the buzzer-chopper by using a space charge valve type TMBG connected as an AF oscillator

The instrument pictured here was captured in 1940 by the occupying German army, and again put into service.

See the photo (below) of the type number plate with an eagle and swastika stamp.

Circuit diagram plate of the Appareil Télégraphique type TM 1932. It is interesting to see that a space charge valve was used which required a low anode voltage. A separate field telephone could be connected to the line, switched by a push button on the front panel.

German French TM 32

Front panel view of the French type TM 1932 showing the foldable Morse key, adjustments for LT and HT voltage, line terminals, headphone jack socket and terminals for connecting a field telephone.

TMBG valve as used in the TM 1932.

Evidence of the use of the during 1940 captured type TM 32 equipment by the German occupying forces later during WW2 is shown by a stamp below the type number plate (above), and a sheet in the German WW2 ‘Kennblätter fremden Geräts’*(right).

Note the typical blue-grey colour of the metal enclosure.

*Reprint WftW Compendium 3 and 4.

General view of the French electronic version of the Fullerphone.

German WW2 ‘Kennblätter fremden Geräts’.

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