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The ‘numerical’ range of British Army wireless sets covered the period between 1932 and early 1950s. It was substituted by the Larkspur era range of equipment.

British Army receivers, known as Reception Sets, were specially designed or adopted from the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and commercial sources. Also depicted in this section are special Army receivers, direction finding receivers, and Army Welfare broadcast receivers, spanning the era 1932 to the late 1960s.

In this section the common Larkspur era sets, including Anti-Aircraft Command sets, are shown.

As counterpart to the British sets, a representative selection of interesting Russian radio equipment designed and used in the former Warsaw Pact countries.


Control Harness

Control Harness

A Larkspur equipped AFV usually had up to three radio sets as well as an intercom system. The system of control boxes, distribution boxes and interconnection cables which enabled this to be done was called the (Wireless) Control Harness. Although principally intended for use in a vehicle, it could be used equally well in installations which had been dismounted and set up as a ground station.

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