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Russian R-108D

Russian Sets image directory.

Russian R-104M

Russian R-105D

Russian R-105M

Russian R-106

Russian R-107

Russian R-107T

Shown in the Russian Sets image directory is a selection of representative radio equipment designed and used in the former Warsaw Pact countries. Most of these sets were spotted at radio fleamarkets in Germany.

Russian R-107T (dig)

Russian R-108M

Russian R-109D

Russian R-109M

Russian R-107M

Russian R-113

Russian R-123

Russian R-126

Russian R-147

Russian R-147P

Russian R-148

Russian R-157

Russian R-158

Russian R-159

Russian R-311

Russian R-313

Russian R- 323

Russian R-323M

Russian R-326

Russian R-326M

Russian R-352

Russian R-392

Russian R-407

Russian R-809M

Russian R-809M2

Russian R-853

Russian R-871

Russian R-880

Russian UM

Russian UM-2

Russian USP

Russian A7

Russian RBM

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