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Radio Station Ra200 was a HF transmitter-receiver intended for short and medium range R/T and CW communication. The frequency range of 2-8MHz was covered in four bands (receiver in six 1MHz bands) with an RF output of approximately 0.5W (Low power) and 8W (High power). Miniature type battery valves were used throughout; the transmitter RF output valve and modulator valve were directly heated type QQC04/15. The frequency resetting accuracy was +/-1kHz. The transmitter and receiver were separate units which allowed simplex or full duplex operation using a separate aerial and second aerial tuning unit.

Power was derived from a 7.2V nicad battery, housed in a metal box which was clipped to the bottom of the set. High tension for the receiver and low power transmitter section was obtained from an internal transistor inverter.

A pedal generator was part of the complete station and provided HT for the transmitter RF power stage on high power operation and charged the 7.2V battery.

An Ra200 station comprised principally four man-carried loads:

a) transmitter/receiver/aerial tuning unit/battery box; b) accessories case; c) foldable pedal generator; d) two or three accumulator boxes clipped together to form a load.

For operation on the move a short rod aerial of 1m was issued; the standard rod aerial was 3.15m. For stationary operation a 9m or 18m long wire aerial was used.

The Ra200 was developed in period 1953 to 1957 by Standard Radio & Telefon AB (until 1956 AB Standard Radiofabrik) superseding the 10W Br set. Deliveries to the Swedish Army commenced in 1958.

Ra 200 set-up as a low power ground station with a standard 3.10m rod aerial. Two 9m standard wire aerials are spread out on the ground.

Ra200 with pedal generator forming a high power ground station.

Accessories for Ra200. Click to enlarge.

Ra200 battery power unit. Ra200 peddle generator

For 12V or 24V operation in a vehicle a transistor converter was issued. Omformare 102 (shown above) could be attached to the bottom of the Ra200, replacing the battery box, or fitted separately. The convertor could also be used for providing power to the Ra120 series and Ra422.

Internal view of Ra200 receiver unit.

Pedal generator collapsed, ready for transport as a man pack.

Internal view of Ra200 transmitter unit.

Accessories case for Ra200 containing Morse key, connection cables, handset, wire aerials, tools, throwing weight, stud, headphones, extension cable on reel and accessories bag.

Ra200 packed for transport. Note the canvas cover protecting the front panel controls and rod aerials case.

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