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WftW Volume 4 Supplement.

About the Supplement.


Although a number of pictures were taken by myself from borrowed equipment, the copyright of the majority of photos is owned by the contributors, who gave kind permission for publishing their material on the Supplement.

Though downloading, copying and further distribution of the WftW Volume 4 Supplement is highly encouraged in its original form, the use of individual pictures is not permitted and expressive permission must be obtained from the contributor mentioned in the ‘References’ of the particular Supplement chapter.

A binder for WftW Volume 4 Supplement.

Shown right is a suggestion for a simple and inexpensive method to keep the printed chapters together in a plastic clear view A4 document folder. A printable front cover gives the folder an attractive appearance.  

The layout and size of the Supplement is identical to WftW Volume 4, enabling the print-outs to be kept and ready for reading in a standard plastic clear view A4 document folder.  

A table of contents, intro pages and a front cover, which will give the binder an attractive appearance, is provided in the ‘Cover, Intro and Contents pages’.

The Supplement downloads are in PDF format with high resolution print quality illustrations; for best results these should be printed on A4 paper size, preferably in colour. It must be noted that chapters with more than one page have mirrored gutters; these should be printed as double sided pages.

The number of pages in each chapter are kept to a minimum, in most cases one or two. This measure may give the impression that the Supplement is merely a recognition handbook with omission of details. This is basically right but primarily caused by the lack of more detailed info.

The information in the Supplement is believed to be correct, but as official technical documentation on the covered topics is rare and/or not generally available for consultation, gaps were unavoidable.

I shall be grateful to receive information on any possible copyright material which has not been previously acknowledged.

After finishing WftW Volume 4 ‘Clandestine Radio’ in 2004, numerous illustrations, circuits, drawings, technical data of other not yet described clandestine radios (and related equipment) were discovered and kindly send to me. I saved this information over the years, with the intention of compiling a follow-up of WftW Volume 4.

When recently considering the current price of printing plus the dramatic rise of shipping cost, I decided to postpone - or eventually cancel - Volume 4A (the working title of the proposed follow-up) for the time being.

However, I felt that the already gathered valuable and very interesting information should not be stored in a dusty folder but shared with readers of WftW Volume 4 ‘Clandestine Radio’. In view of today’s printing and free distribution methods, I considered several different approaches. Eventually I decided to include the not yet published items and amendments on already published equipment in separate chapters, and publish these as a free to download ‘WftW Volume 4 Supplement’ on my website.

There is at present much material waiting for inclusion in the Supplement. Because the preparations for the individual chapters is rather time taking, the publication is in loose leaf form. This has the advantage to issue updates on already published chapters at a later stage when more information might come available. The actual publication of the next chapters will be spread over the coming months, if not years….

The contents of the Supplement is based on WftW Volume 4 ‘Clandestine Radio’ having a similar scope of information, with the emphasis on technical details rather than history.

Any comments, additional information and new entries are most welcome, full credit will be given to the contributor.    louis‘at’wftw‘dot’nl


Posted in this space are messages about progress, delays and other items worth knowing about new and already published chapters in the WftW Volume 4 Supplement.  Feedback, corrections, additional information, better

quality pictures and suggestions for new chapters are welcome. May ‘15

- It should be noted that the WftW Volume 4 Supplement was originally named WftW Volume 4 Amendment, but

  later changed to Supplement because most of the chapters contained much later found unpublished material.

   Some early chapters may therefore still have Volume 4 Amendment in the copyright line at the bottom. Oct. ‘18.

- Much dependent on incoming material from the much respected contributors, it is not always possible to put

  Chapters together on a specific topic. With 300 Chapters it is awkward to find back a specific Chapter, an issue

  I have noticed myself. It was Pete McCollum, N0TDM, who recently came up with an Excel file which allowed easy

   searching and sorting the current Chapters. For easy standard search, a printable index was later produced.

  Chapeau Pete! November ‘20.

- With Chapter 300 we came to the final in the Armia Krajowa (AK) series of radios developed and built in occupied

  Poland. These were mainly for internal communication by AK and extensively used during the Warsaw uprising in

  1944. In February 2021 a start was made with WftW Supplement Part 4, Chapters 301-400 with a cover and

  Chapter 301. Although there is still material at hand for compiling new chapters, I am still interested in

  agents and special forces radios, and their accessories. February ‘21.

- Printed and bound copies of the WftW Volume 4 Supplement chapters.

  After finishing chapter 300 it was initially doubtful weather it was economically feasible to produce a printed and

  bound copy of the 3rd hundred chapters as printing and mailing costs had been increased considerably.

  It appeared that the publishing on demand printer Lulu Inc. has now an option to print full colour as standard

  (as opposed to premium with the previous Supplement reprints), but retaining the quality 80gr paper.

   At a slight loss of quality on the colour illustrations, the price of a book was reduced as much as 50%. August‘21.

- Temporarily halt of WftW Volume 4 Supplement chapters.

  It was painfully concluded that the stream of incoming items on the originally topic was nearly dried up, although

  recently new and interesting material was brought to my attention and already in progress.    

  Continuing with Supplement chapters which are far off the original topics, which already had been extended, was    not considered a good idea. It was therefore decided to reduce the publication of the Supplements temporarily,

   with still a fair number of Chapters to go. Work on WftW Volumes 5 and 6, which were held back in 2006 after

   our move of home, is resumed although it may take a considerable time to have this extensive work finished.

   October 2022 saw the introduction of the Various series, a new range of articles on topics not directly within the

  original scope of WftW.  Amended May 2023.

Version 1.2 Sept. ‘15

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WftW Volume 4 Supplement free to download printable Covers, Intro pages and Contents.

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