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After finishing WftW Volume 4 ‘Clandestine Radio’ in 2004, numerous photos, circuit diagrams, drawings and technical data of other not yet described clandestine radios (and related equipment) were found by readers and kindly sent to me. I saved this information over the years, with the intention of compiling a follow-up of WftW Volume 4.

When considering the dramatic rise of shipping and printing cost, I decided to postpone the project and to include the not yet published items and amendments on already published equipment in separate chapters, and publish these as a free to download ‘WftW Volume 4 Supplement’ chapters on my website.

The contents of the Supplement chapters is based on WftW Volume 4, having a similar scope of information with the emphasis on technical details rather than history. The layout and size of the Supplement is identical to that of WftW Volume 4.

WftW Vol. 4 Clandestine Radio, Supplement Part 2 has been produced by popular demand, as a full colour reprint incorporating all the later additions, covering the second 100 chapters of the Supplement. With 202 pages and over 950 full colour illustrations, drawings and circuit diagrams, the book match the size and colour of the WftW Volume 1-4 series of books.

The first 100 Supplement chapters have been printed as a private limited single run of 40 copies a couple of years ago, but recently reprinted as Supplement Pt.1.

Without the generous support in the form of photos, drawings, circuit diagrams, scans, and general encouragement from many individuals, museums and institutes, ‘WftW Volume 4 Supplement Pt. 2’ would definitely not have been possible.

It should be noted that all printable chapters of this book, including the previous chapters, are still free to download at www.wftw.nl

First published January 2020 by Louis Meulstee  via www.lulu.com.

ISBN 978-90-819271-9-2

WftW Volume 4 Supplement Pt.2 is only available direct from the ‘Print On Demand’ printing company lulu Inc. via the Internet WftW Bookshop at www.lulu.com/spotlight/wftw

(It is advisable to read ‘Where to obtain the WftW books’)

WftW Volume 4, ‘Clandestine Radio’, Supplement Pt. 2.