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WftW Compendiums

WftW Compendium 1 is currently out of print. Work on a revised copy is in preparation.

WftW Compendiums 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are only available direct from the ‘Print On Demand’ printing company lulu.com via the Internet WftW Bookshop at www.lulu.com/spotlight/wftw  

(It is advisable to read ‘Where to obtain the WftW books’)

The titles of the WftW Compendiums published to date:

Compendium 1 ‘Spark to Larkspur’ (Wireless Sets 1910-1948)

Compendium 2 ‘Spark to Larkspur’ (Special sets, Receivers and Larkspur)

Compendium 3 ‘Foreign Equipment Data Sheets’ pt 1

Compendium 4 ‘Foreign Equipment Data Sheets’ pt 2

Compendium 5 ‘Signal Communication Equipment used by Enemy Nations’

Compendium 6 ‘Signal and Wireless Stores’, Notes On Equipment.

Compendium 7Key and Plug Assemblies  An overview..’

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The table of contents and a number of selected pages from Compendium 1 to 6 can be downloaded as pdf's from the Downloads page. Please keep in mind that the printed size of the pages will be in A5 format, the original size of the book.

The Wireless for the Warrior Compendium series is principally intended as a practical guide and reference source to vintage military signal communication equipment. It is particularly valuable to anyone with an interest, professionally or otherwise, in this subject, requiring an elementary but complete quick reference and recognition handbook. Containing condensed data summaries, liberally illustrated with photos and drawings, explanatory captions and short descriptions of the main ancillaries, its pocket size format and laminated soft cover makes it an ideal reference and reliable companion for events such as auctions and radio rallies, or just for browsing at leisure.

About the WftW Compendium series.