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WftW Compendium 7


The Key and Plug Assemblies overview is an accurate and reliable document for help with identifying British and Commonwealth Key and Plug Assemblies, and their applications.

For those who have no colour printer available or considering that the printing costs of 54 colour pages is excessively high, and people looking for an original and nice present for a Morse key enthusiast, this printed version was prepared.

Modestly priced, professionally full colour printed and bound, this copy of the overview in A5 format match the WftW Compendium series as Compendium 7.

First published July 2014 by Louis Meulstee, Ottersum, Holland.

ISBN 978 90 819271 61

WftW Compendium 6 cover large.

WftW Compendium 7 is only available direct from the ‘Print On Demand’ printing company lulu.com via the Internet WftW Bookshop at www.lulu.com/spotlight/wftw

(It is advisable to read ‘Where to obtain the WftW books’)

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Wireless for the Warrior  Compendium 7

is a printed version of the original free to download PDF document entitled ‘Key and Plug Assemblies  An overview..’

Key and Plug Assemblies were essential parts of most British (and Commonwealth) Army wireless sets and stations. This overview shows the currently known types and versions of these Morse key assemblies, spanning the period from the late 1930s until the 1950s when the Larkspur range of equipment started coming into service.

This publication is a follow-up of Lamps Operator  An overview..’. It was compiled in close collaboration with Chris Bisaillion VE3CBK. Many of the keys in this overview are from Chris’ collection.