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WftW Compendium 1


WftW Compendium 1 can be obtained from Wimborne Publishing Ltd.

First published September 2009 by Emaus Uitgeverij, Groenlo, Holland.

ISBN 978 90 808277 2 1

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Wireless for the Warrior Compendium 1Spark to Larkspur’ (Wireless Sets 1910-1948) is published in a practical A5 softback format. It contains 354 pages and over 560 photographs, line drawings and tables, a comprehensive index , and a fold-out 'Chart of interrelationship of sets'.

Compendium 1 is organised into three main sections being 'World War 1', further divided into chapters covering spark sets, CW sets, receivers, amplifiers and miscellaneous.

The second section, 'Interwar years' covers standard sets, experimental communication sets, experimental tank and AFV sets, early sets in the numerical series and miscellaneous items.

Finally, the section 'World War 2' covers sets in the numerical series up to Wireless Set No. 88 AFV, wave-meters, aerial coupling equipment, wireless remote control units and Morse training sets.

Preview pages WftW Compendium 1

The table of contents and a number of selected pages from Compendium 1 can be downloaded as pdf's from the Downloads page. Please keep in mind that the printed size of the pages is in A5 format, the original size of the book.

Read the review of Compendium 1 by the late Alister Mitchell, GM3UDL, originally published on the website of the Wireless Set No. 19 group Royal Signals.

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