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Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.II

Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.II was a manpack transceiver developed in 1942 for short range Infantry communication. Frequency range 7.4-9.2MHz. MO control. RF output 0.2W. R/T only. Range: up to 1 mile using long 12ft rod. The set had unique design features using only 5 valves.

There were principally four versions of this set. The basic circuit of the sets was quite similar.

- Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.I was the initial model.

- Wireless Set No. 38. Mk.II and Mk.II* were the standard World War 2 versions.

- Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.3 was produced in 1945 in a limited quantity.

- Wireless Set No. 38 AFV was a version for fitting in AFV's.

WS No. 38 front panel view. WS No. 38 with accessories. WS No. 38 chassis view. WS No. 38 spare valves box. WS No. 38 spare valves box initial. WS No. 38 headphones. WS No. 38 junction box. WS No. 38 throat microphone.

Accessories for Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.II and Mk.II*. Click on a picture  to enlarge.

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Internal view of Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.II*. Click to enlarge.

Complete No. 38 Set Mk.II*. (less battery pack) Note the canvas ‘WS set Carrier No. 2’ which holds the set in position when actually worn.

Front panel view of Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.II* showing aerial base (left), tuning control (centre) and off-receive-transmit switch

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