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Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.3

Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.3 was based on the No. 38 Mk. II* model but with a greatly improved netting and tuning facility. In addition, it was tropicalised (hermetically sealed in a die-cast aluminium case) and carried on the operator's back, the transmit-receive switch was replaced by a mechanically operated remote control. The basic circuit compared to the Mk.II* was not very much changed. Crystal calibrator No. 9 was fitted to the case for calibrating and netting. It used a standard 150V/3V No. 38 Set battery. Issued in 1945.

Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.3 in canvas carrier, packed for transport. Note the aluminium instruction plate in a pocket in front and aerial sections fitted in a separate pocket.

Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.3 with accessories. This picture shows the remote control Bowden cable, Microphone and Receiver Headgear Assembly No. 11 and Calibrator Crystal No. 9 fitted on the side of the set. When required, the crystal calibrator output cable was plugged into the aerial socket of the set.

Close up view of Calibrators Crystal No. 9. The calibrator oscillator comprised an ARP12 valve and 285kHz crystal. The unit was hermetically sealed, a desiccator fitted in the lower part.

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