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Wireless Set No. 58

WS No. 58 with accessories.

Wireless Set Canadian No. 58 was a self-contained manpack transceiver developed in Canada about 1943 as a replacement for the British Wireless Set No. 18. It had similar specifications and frequency range, but weighed considerably less and was not so conspicuous to carry. The set comprised two distinct units: the set proper which was carried on the left chest, and the battery-accessory pack carried on the shoulders in a special canvas carrier.

Frequency range 6-9MHz. RF output 0.3W. MO control. R/T only. Range up to 5 miles with 12ft rod aerial.

Wireless Set Canadian No. 58 Mk.I with access door opened.

(Above) Complete operational Wireless Set Cdn No. 58 Mk.I: Battery container in canvas carrier (left), Aerial rods 'quiver' normally attached to the door of the set case (centre). Note headset assembly with the microphone supported in a special slot on the side of the set in front of the operator's mouth, allowing the use of both hands. The transmit/receive key was located at the top of the door.

WS No. 58 front panel. WS No. 58 chassis view. ws58-05l.jpg ws58-07l.jpg WS No. 58 Mk.I*. Next page

Wireless Set Cdn No. 58 Mk.I* was a later version with numerous minor and major electrical and mechanical changes.

Accessories for the Cdn No. 58 Set. Click to enlarge.

Top chassis view of the set. Click to enlarge.