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Wireless Set No. 48

WS No. 46 front panel view.

Wireless Set No. 48 was a manpack transmitter receiver developed in about 1942 for short range communication in forward areas within Infantry battalions and RA regiments. Frequency Range 6-9MHz. RF output 0.25W. R/T and CW. MO control. Range up to 10 miles. Wireless Set No. 48 was manufactured in the USA during WW2, ordered by the British Supply Mission as an alternative production to Wireless Set No. 18.

Under normal conditions the No. 48 Set was powered by a dry battery pack which (similar to that of used with Wireless Sets No. 18, 46 and 68) was carried in the bottom the set.

WS No. 48 transmitter chassis view. WS No. 48 receiver chassis view. WS No. 48 microphone. WS No. 48 Morse key. WS No. 48 detail view Morse key. WS No. 48 spare valves box opened. WS No. 48 spare valves box. WS No. 48 hand generator. WS No. 48 generator unit detail view. Next page

Accessories issued for use with Wireless Set No. 48. Click to enlarge.

Generator Hand 10 Watts Mk.II.

Rear chassis view of transmitter unit (left) and receiver unit (right). Click to enlarge.

Generator Hand 10 Watts Mk.II was developed in the USA for powering Wireless Set No. 48 when dry batteries were not available in static field use. It could also be used with British Wireless Sets No. 18 and No. 68. Note that the general layout of this hand-operated generator unit, particularly the seat construction, is similar to the hand-generators issued with USA Signal Corps field radio sets e.g. BC-1306, AN/GRC9, etc.

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