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Wireless Set No. 62

Wireless Set No. 62 was a portable/mobile transceiver developed in about 1944/45 as a general purpose vehicle and ground station, suitable to be carried as a manpack and animal pack. Frequency range 1.6-12MHz. RF output 1W. MO and crystal control. R/T and CW. Range up to 25 miles. The set was a stop-gap pending the delayed production of Wireless Set No. 42 and a replacement for Wireless Set No. 22. Though not hermetically sealed, the set was tropicalised and immersion proof for five minutes. The set had in internal miniature rotary HT transformer which was replaced by a transistor power supply unit in the 1960’s.

WS No. 62 front panel view. WS No. 62 chassis view. WS No. 62 remote unit WS No. 62 Morse key.

Accessories for Wireless Set No. 62. Click to enlarge.

WS No. 62 local unit. WS No. 62 calibrator unit. WS No. 62 lamp operator. Next page

Internal view of Wireless Set No. 62 Mk.2. (left) Examining the layout of major components such as the receiver (left hand side) and the aerial tuning arrangements (right hand side of chassis), there is a strong resemblance to Wireless Set No. 22. Wireless Set No. 62 was based on the No. 22 Set specifications but the circuit arrangements differed completely.

Note the use of aluminium for the chassis and front panel, the case was constructed from pressed steel.

Microphone and Headgear Assembly No. 10.