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Wireless Set No. 88 and 88 AFV

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Wireless Set No. 88 was a man pack VHF-FM transceiver issued from 1947 onwards as a replacement for the No. 38 Set, principally used for short range infantry communication. Frequency range 38.01-42.15MHz. Four crystal controlled channels. RF output 0.25W. FM R/T only. Range up to 2 miles.  It was the first British developed tactical VHF-FM manpack set. The No. 88 Set could work to Wireless Set No. 31 and four channels marked A to D on its tuning dial corresponded with those on Wireless Set No. 88 Type A. The No. 88 Set was carried in a pouch similar to a Bren ammunition pouch, which made carrying and operation inconspicuous. The battery was carried separately in a similar pouch.Two versions were made: Type A for infantry Company-Platoon use and Type B for infantry Mortar-Platoon use. Apart from the difference in frequencies and indication plate, they were also distinguishable by their colours. Type A has an olive drab top panel and case, whilst Type B had a black top.

Wireless Set No. 88 type A.

WS No. 88 front panel view. WS No. 88 AFV power unit.

Wireless Set No. 88 AFV was developed for fitting in tanks and other vehicles in combination with Wireless Set No. 19 for the purpose of communicating with infantry equipped with Wireless Sets No. 88 Type A. The set comprised a slightly modified standard No. 88 Set Type A, powered from 12V DC by a separate Power Supply And LF Amplifier Unit No. 2. The latter also incorporated AF amplifiers raising the AF output of the No. 88 Set and vehicle harness microphones to a suitable level.

Wireless Set No. 88 AFV mounted on top of a Wireless Set No. 19 MK.III, fitted in the rear of a Landrover.

Power Supply and LF Amplifier Unit No. 2.

WS No. 88 AFV installation diagram.

Diagram of installation Wireless Set No. 88 AFV, (excluding Wireless Set No. 19). Click to enlarge.

Complete operational Wireless Set No. 88 carried in two pouches.(Left) Note the spare aerial and aluminium working instructions card carried in the set pouch.

WS No. 88 AFV fitted in vehicle. WS No. 88 with accessories.

Main accessories for Wireless Set No. 88. Click to enlarge.

WS No. 88 operator headset. WS No. 88 officer handset. WS No. 88 battery pack.

Wireless Set No. 38 AFV

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