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WS No. 22 (Aust) YB

WS No. 22 (Aust)

WS No. 62 Mk.2

WS No. 108 Mk.II

WS No. 108 Mk.III

WS No. 109

WS No. 114A

WS No. 122 (aust)

WS No. 122 Mk.2

WS No. 153

WS No. 173

WS No. 208

Amp. RF No. 2 Mk.2 (Aust.)/2

Teleradio 3BZ

Station Radio A510

Amplifier RF ZC 1

Rec Set No. 8C (Aust)

Reception Set R 5223

Army wireless sets and receivers manufactured in Australia were initially based on British models adopting the same numerical type designation. Equipment designed in Australia but still linked with British models started with 100 (e.g. WS 101, 108, 109 etc). Canadian and South African sets were excluded from this list.

WS No. ZC 8 Mk.I

WS No. ZC 178

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WS No. 11 (Aust.)

WS No. 19 Mk.II (Aust.)

WS No. 19 Mk.2 (Aust/2

WS No. 101

WS No. 105B

WS No. 108 Mk.I

WS No. 112 (set)

WS No. 112 (psu)

WS No. 113A

WS No. 128 Mk.2

WS No. 133


WS No. FS6

Teleradio 3B

WS No. ZC1 Mk.I (I)

WS No. ZC1 Mk.I (II)

WS No. ZC1 Mk.II

Rec Set No.1 (Aust)

RAAF version of No. 1

Rec Set No. 4 (Aust)

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