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The WftW books

The Wireless for the Warrior range of books (comprising the Volume and Compendium series, with later added the Supplements and free to download Pamphlet series) are intended as source of reference to the history and development of radio communication equipment

used bythe British Army from the very early days of wireless up to the 1960s. Line equipment and military (radio) communication equipment from other countries is also covered in the recently published Compendiums.

Wireless for the Warrior Compendium 1 to 7

WftW Compendium 4 cover. WftW Compendium 5 cover. WftW Compendium 6 cover. Compendium 7 WftW Compendium 1 cover. WftW Compendium 2 cover. WftW Compendium 3 cover.

Wireless for the Warrior Volume 1 to 4

WftW Volume 1 cover. WftW Volume 2 cover. WftW Volume 3 cover. WftW Volume 4 cover.

The books in the WftW Volume series are very detailed and include circuit diagrams, technical specifications and alignment data in addition to technical development history, complete station lists and vehicle fitting instructions. Generally no operational histories are given as these have been published extensively in numerous other books.

The WftW Compendium series is a new addition to the Wireless for the Warrior range, currently comprising 7 books. The new series is principally intended as practical guide and reference source to vintage military signal communication equipment. The books  are particularly valuable to anyone with an interest, professionally or otherwise, in this subject, requiring an elementary but complete quick reference and recognition handbook.

WftW Supplements are free to download with almost weekly published new chapters on the topics in WftW Volume 4. It grew out of ‘amendments’ (updates) of already published WftW Volume 4 pages when much material came to light at a later stage. The contents of the Supplement is based on WftW Volume 4 ‘Clandestine Radio’ having a similar scope of information, with the emphasis on technical details rather than history. Note that the covers of the download differ from those of the printed books.

The WftW Pamphlet series is a new range of free to download publications replacing the now abandoned and discontinued ‘Overviews’ and ‘WftW eBooks’. More Pamphlets may be issued in due course. Each pamphlet has separate printable front and back covers. Pamphlet 4 is also available as ‘publishing on demand’ printed version at lulu.Inc

Wireless for the Warrior Supplement

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Wireless for the Warrior Pamphlet series


WftW BUGS cover telephone and room audio surveillance systems of the Stasi.

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