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Fullerphone Mk.IV and Mk.V enclosure variations.

The Morse key fitted in a Fullerphone was a Key WT 8 Amp No. 2, which could be one of the many versions and variations produced over time. However, the Morse key for the Fullerphone Mk.V (and Mk.IV modified to Mk.V) and Mk.6 was usually a Key Signalling No. 2, tropicalised, which appeared similar to Key W.T. 8 Amp No. 2 Mk.II. It had contacts made from a different material more suitable for tropical use, instead of the usual tungsten. These contacts, however, could not handle 8 amperes, hence the different name and VAOS stores number YA 6897. It must be noted that this key was not fitted in all cases.

Changes made include fixing capitalization, using consistent lowercase for units (amperes, tungsten), and rephrasing the last sentence for clarity.

An identification list for Fullerphones Mk.4, Mk.4*, and Mk.5 provides a full list of VAOS catalogue component numbers and shows detailed differences in models. A scan of this document can be downloaded in the Downloads section of this website.


Boxes, No. 1, Fullerphone YA.0621.

Boxes, No. 2, Fullerphone YA.6156.

  Two types of (wooden) enclosures for a Fullerphone can be encountered. Both were used with all Mk.IV - Mk.V versions.

   Fullerphone Mk.6 was immersion proof, a tropical edition fitted in a cast aluminium box.

- Box No. 1 was for use when Receivers, headgear, C L.R., Double, Mk.III (with a metal headband) were used.

- Box No. 2 was for use when Receivers, headgear, C L.R., Double, Nr.3, or Receivers, headgear D L.R., Double No. 5 (With a

 canvas headband) were used.

Fullerphone Mk.V and Mk.6 Morse key.

Key Signalling No. 2 (YA 6897) can only be identified by the text on the rear side.

The model shown here is a Design 1, Version C. For more details on Key W.T. 8 Amp No. 2, please refer to WftW Pamphlet No. 5 titled 'Key and Plug Assemblies,' available in the Downloads  section of this website."

A small metal plate, attached to the inside of a Fullerphone box attended the user that a different type of Morse key was fitted, reading:


This Fullerphone Morse key has contacts above lever and therefore connections reversed to those shown on diagram. Remove this plate when replacing this key.

Fullerphone Identification List E.S. 335E.

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